R e m o t e  R e c o r d i n g

 If you’ve ever considered adding live drums to your project, or replacing existing drum tracks that don’t fit your vision, a very convenient and affordable alternative is remote recording. Celso has considerable expertise and experience with this method and you will be delighted with the results … at a lower price than what you would spend at a high-end recording studio.


 The process is simple – just send Celso a mix of your song minus the drums and he will work with you to deliver a customized multi-track performance that fulfills your musical goals. The drum tracks are recorded at Celso’s studio, with top-flight Audix mics and high-end Audient preamps going through Demeter compressors and an RME digital converter.


Contact Celso at cadrum@celsoalberti.com or at

510-823-3387 for rates and details.

These are examples of drum tracks that where recorded along with the client's stereo reference tracks. Not mixed or mastered. You get the idea!!

T e s t i m o n i a l s

"In my business, I do not have the time to “work” on something until it sounds right. I have to get it right the 1st time.

When I need drums and percussion for a piece of music, I call Celso. The fact that his studio has a great sound is second to his ability to deliver the perfect performance for me every time!"

- Kirk R. Casey  Composer, Producer

"Working with Celso on drum tracks is pure joy. As he adds his part, you don’t just ‘hear’ the music, you can ‘feel’ the song come alive. He plays with a clarity of tone that is crisp and unique. Celso has the ability to keep the groove simple and deep, the mark of a truly skilled professional."

– Bodhi Setchko  Composer, Producer

"I have seen Celso perform live many times and without doubt one of the best drummer/percussionist out there. I am honored to have Celso playing on my new CD. His timing, tempo and tastiness is just exceptional and he is ableto get a live sound in the studio recording environment".

- Mark Glen Moore  Singer, Songwriter