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Welcome to Celso’s music page! The following audio selections (taken from Celso’s discography of over 60 recordings) demonstrate a partial cross-section of his wide world of drumming styles – from Brazilian Jazz and Pop to Middle Eastern world fusion to American R&B and Rock. Enjoy the ride.
Be sure to click on the Videos icon at the top of the page for riveting samples of Celso in action.


"The Magicians"

Flora Purim & Airto

Concord Crossover

(Brazilian Jazz)

Perfume De Cebola

"The Flight"

Flora Purim & Airto

B&W Records

(Brazilian Jazz)

Dancing In The Clouds

"Asa Verde"

Claudia Villela

Taina Music

(Brazilian Pop/Funk)


"Book Of Kings"


Bibi Noor Music

(Middle Eastern Instrumental)

Mr. Maybe


Big Skin

Bmoki Music


Lake Of Fire


Barry Cleveland

ElevenEleven Music

(Progressive Rock)

Newspaper Girl

"Newspaper Girl"


Caravela Music

(Brazilian Instrumental)

Eastern Winds


Tony Khalife

Casa Barranca Records

(Middle Eastern Vocal)

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